The Paris tour bus. Enjoy your trip!

Guided Tours - 28.11.2017


Benefits of a tour bus to explore Paris

There are a million and one ways to explore the capital and its tourist attractions. Paris is lots of fun with some unusual things to see and has a rich history. You can stroll around the city on foot, take a taxi, jump on a bike, board a riverboat or hop on a tour bus. Each type of transport will give you a very different experience in this amazing city that has so much to offer. However there are many benefits to taking a tour bus to explore Paris. Whether you’ve got a day, a weekend or a week to see the French capital, by tour bus you’re sure to have an excellent time seeing the city of Light.

See all the famous monuments from the top deck of the bus

Bus 3

Paris is a large city with many monuments and points of interest that spread far and wide and even beyond the city ring road known as the “périphérique”. A trip around the capital involves covering quite a distance from the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe in the west, Montmartre to the north or Notre Dame Cathedral in the centre. Our 3 tour bus routes in Paris are specially designed to make sure you see all the most well-known and iconic monuments in the city. In a comfortable setting from the open-air top deck you’ll have exceptional views of the capital’s main attractions.

Plenty of stops to enjoy everything Paris has to offer

Our tour buses do not insist on group visits at fixed times. The hop on-hop off system means you can visit the city at your own pace. The routes are dotted with numerous stops in front of all the main attractions. You can get off the bus and enjoy taking your time to visit a place of your choice. Then you can get back on the bus when you want. In fact, you can create your very own “tailor-made” tour of Paris. You can choose exactly what you want to see around this charming city.

In addition to tour buses, Paris Open Tour offers packages that include a bus pass and tickets to the most famous museums in the capital, such as the Louvre or the Grévin Museum.

Guided tour of Paris to discover its rich history

What’s more, our tour buses give you the opportunity to discover the rich history of our wonderful capital city with our guided tours of Paris. During the trip, we offer you an audio guide in 10 different languages to tell you about the history of various places of interests along with little anecdotes about the famous people who frequented them. Dive into the past to find out about what life was like in Paris in times gone by. We also offer a special easy-to-follow audio guide for children to enjoy too. The city tour transforms into a legend and includes many tales from Paris’ rich historical past.